Day 2 Talk2Facebook ~ Data Protection

Hi Kelvin

Yes, we shall certainly respond to the questions raised on the various topics. We are taking note of them all and will work closely with the KICTANET team to ensure that they are all addressed during the upcoming webinar on 30th September.

Thank you to all that have taken the time to flag questions or seek clarification on the suggested topics or any others relating to your experiences with our platforms. We hope you shall join us for the webinar.

Kind Regards

Mercy Ndegwa
Head of Public Policy, East & Horn of Africa


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Thank you Twahir, Mutemi & Walu for your input. We hope the FB Personnel on the list will respond to
some of the issues you have raised.

Indeed we thought this particular topic on Data Protection will elicit more responses than we’ve got,
the floor is still open and you don’t necessarily need to respond to the set questions, you can raise any
other issue around Data Protection of Facebook.

Tomorrow we talk about “Human Rights & Transparency”. Thank you all!

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 4:07 PM Walubengo J <<>> wrote:
@Tr Karis,

With Kenya enacting its Data Protection Act late last year, I would have thot the Data Protection theme would have elicited more responses….but perhaps that is precisely why we need the conversation to raise awareness…

Nway, my experience is that FB has come a long way to be compliant with Data Protection matters – particularly following the EU GDPR enactment in 2018…their Privacy <> page says more.

[Image removed by sender.] Data Policy
There seems to be still some problems however, and recently Irish Data Protection Commissioner ruled<…> that EU Citizen would no longer be send to US servers…since the US Gov can have access to it.

[Image removed by sender.] [Image removed by sender.] WSJ News Exclusive | Ireland to Order F…

I just need to understand the role and extend of government surveillance on FB user data and how transparent FB is abou this.


On Thursday, September 17, 2020, 06:01:36 AM GMT+3, Kelvin Kariuki via kictanet <<>> wrote:

Dear Lister!

Trusting you are well, a great appreciation to all who shared their views on Day 1! We are on Day 2 of “Talk2Facebook”, today we focus on Data Protection Issues.

Kenya enacted its Data Protection & Privacy Act in 2019 where the rights of individuals (data subjects) have been enhanced. Share your comments, experiences, and challenges with regard to Facebook Services along the following themes:

a) Have you managed to exercise your right to access and port (move) all your data that you ever posted on FB?

b) Have you managed to exercise your right to be forgotten, where you demand FB deletes all the digital footprint they have about?

c) Have you managed to exercise your right to modify or restrict the consent you previously granted to FB?

You can still comment on yesterday’s topic under that thread. Otherwise, we hope to hear all your concerns around Data Protection today on this thread so tomorrow we discuss “Human Rights & Transparency” matters.

Wonderful Thursday!

Rest of the Program:

Day 3: Human Rights & Transparency

Day 4: Connectivity & Wrap Up

Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis

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