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Interesting perspective.
I had not looked at algorithms as being part of the moderation ‘matrix’.  I had only looked at moderation from a traditional, restrictive/censorship perspective. I now realise that moderation can also exist from an over-supply of specific content based on your clicks, location and other individualized digital behavioiur.
The fact that different users get different content – based on the decisions made by algorithms – does implicitly speak to moderation from the perspective that FB eventually decides your perception of reality thro these algorithms that read your digital footprint.
For sure this is NOT to limited to FB and cuts across the digital economy.  As an example, a Google search on ‘Tiananmen square’ done in Beijing gives a different result from that one done in Nairobi.
Essentially, our content is already being moderated by algorithms. The question maybe to what extent users can influence the design of those algorithms so that they also work in their favor and not just the advertiser’s favor.
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Thank you Tr Karis. This topic couldn’t be timed more perfectly. 
My concern with content moderation is its algorithms for both Facebook and Instagram platforms. Undoubtedly it’s not girls that run the world anymore (sorry Beyoncé) it’s algorithms. Given the central role they play- algorithms can no longer be a preserve of the geeks. Any tweaks and changes call for utmost transparency and a proper feedback system because after all they affect real people. 
Selective moderation (depending on location and audience) and badgering tendencies are some of the common complaints. 
What concerns me the most is the delicate interplay between these platforms remaining as safe spaces for interactions/information sharing AND marketplaces. 
Currently there’s an uproar on IG because the rules of the game have changed to make influencers work harder for their reach. The unintended consequence is that common users, not for profit, political and social pages are caught up in these changes making it impossible to survive in a cut throat environment. When you log in you’re bombarded with influencer after influencer after influencer posts. I consider that content moderation. 
What guides Facebook in refining its algorithm. Yes ‘make money’ but are there are other principles? 
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Hi There!

Hoping you are having a

great week, we are delighted to invite you to this 4 days series on

“Talk2Facebook”, on Day 1, we are eager to hear from you on issues surrounding

Content Moderation on FB!

Content Moderation

is a delicate balance between freedom of speech and censorship. Share your

comments, experiences, and challenges with regard to Facebook Services along

the following themes:

a) Should FB be

moderating digital content on their platform or should it be open and liberal?

b) If FB can

moderate content on its platform, how can it balance out different cultural

expectations where a single post in one jurisdiction is considered acceptable

while it becomes un-acceptable in another?

c) How can FB moderate

content without being considered a gatekeeper or violating freedom of speech?

d) Has your

content posted on FB ever been flagged as un-acceptable and what was your

reaction/experience? Is there a process of appeal?


We hope to hear from you

today as tomorrow we will be talking about Data Protection Issues.


Have a great day!


Rest of the Program:

Day 2: Data Protection

Day 3: Human Rights &


Day 4: Connectivity &

Wrap Up


Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis



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