Day 1 Pre KIGF Online Discussion – Data Track

Dear Listers,

I trust you are all having a great week. As you are aware this year Kenya’s
2020 IGF will be one of a kind as it will be our first ever virtual KIGF.
It will be taking place on 29th October and as part of the build up to this
major event, we shall be having moderated 3-day online discussions on this
year’s KIGF theme.

These discussions will allow us to not only learn some few things but also
designed to allow us to dig deeper into a range of topics and ultimately
apply those concepts on the Big Day!

This year’s first sub theme is Data. The Data track will provide for
discussions on the fundamental challenge of ensuring the benefits of the
data revolution to contribute to inclusive economic development while
protecting the rights of people. Under this topic there are also matters to
do with digital identity, data and jurisdiction, data driven emerging
technologies, data access, quality, innovation and competition. To this
end, I invite your contributions to the following questions:

1. What are/should be the rights and responsibilities for
individuals in determining the use of their personal data? How to ensure
transparency and accountability in the gathering and handling of personal

2. What societal and economic benefits are enabled by the trustworthy
use of data to develop data-driven emerging technologies?

3. To what extent, if any, could the development of international
norms and principles facilitate common approaches and interoperability of
data protection frameworks, and also facilitate international trade and

4. What is the impact of AI and other data-driven technologies in the
exercise of rights of most vulnerable groups? How to implement them to
further advance their inclusion and avoid further harm?

5. How can we ensure equitable access to data for fostering
competition and innovation?

Karibuni Mjadala.


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