Day 1 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)

Good morning Listers,

Welcome to Day 1 of ‘Talk to the Senate’. This must have been what the
framers of the Constitution had in mind when they entrenched public
participation as a key constitutional principle- an opportunity for us to
make a case on what we think ought to be the Senate’s priority 2017-2022. I
therefore encourage that we all participate in this session and look
forward to an animated discussion.

As Grace had briefed us on Friday, we will have a three day discussion
focusing on the counties and opportunities for intervention by the Senate.

This being the first day, our goal is to bring out issues of concern in the
counties as far as ICT is concerned. Once we have these, we will proceed to
make proposals on how the Senate may be of help in resolving these issues
on Day 2. On Day 3, we will discuss how to foster engagements between the
ICT community and the legislature.

This is our guiding question for today–

*What do you consider to be the ICT *

* (a) challenges; *

* (b) risks; and *

* (c) opportunities in the counties?*

As well, if there are ICT success stories coming out of the counties, feel
free to highlight them.

We are honoured to have Senator Abshiro Halake (Vice Chairperson, Senate
ICT Committee) on the list. Senator, karibu sana.

This discussion is now open!

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