Data Driven Financial planning for SMEs

Dear All,

Botlab will be hosting the 4th session of the SME Tech Masterclass. Data
driven financial planning for growth.

What kind of systems do you have in place? Why benefits do you get for
automating your business financials( from collection – supplies- inventory
etc), and how do you start that journey? What to look for? How to optimise
your system reports with strategic calls to action?

How to use data to predict/ optimize your pricing for both services and
products, how you can optimize your spending and budgeting. With the
increased levels of financial fraud, how can you tell through looking at
your business data? AND MORE!

*Session details:*

*Date and time*: 25th March 2020, 5.30- 8.30pm
* Location*: Lattice community 11th Floor, Applewood Adams (Adams arcade
roundabout) Along Ngong road
*Cost:* 1500pp- Paybill 965465, A/c No. Your name

We look forward to hosting you. Poster is attached below.


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