CoVID 19 Advisory Committee:- Building Forward Stronger “Beyond response & recovery towards resilient collaboration.”

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===COVID19 pandemic has accelerated technological adoption and fundamentally transformed how we live, learn and work. These rapid changes have largely been catalyzed by the prowess of innovative young people in the continent, leveraging on their unique talents towards address the direct and indirect challenges proffered by COVID19.

The Government of Kenya, in recognition of this potential, gazetted an ICT Committee on COVID19, that has in the last several months, received presentations on technologies, their potential use, challenges in their adoption and what are the potential enablers for their scale-up.

One key characteristic of successful technological adoption in this period of rapid change can be attributed to multi-stakeholder collaboration and co-creation. While response to COVID19 was primarly a Government prerogative, innovators, especially within ICT, creating unique collaborations with Ministries, Departments and Agencies across the Continent to deliver digital public goods.

These collaborations have re-emphasized the importance of the African Technology Ecosystem and its ability to respond to crisis. It has also affirmed the importance of building resilient technology based SMEs: through policy and regulatory enablers, capacity and finance.

The Building Forward Stronger Showcase will feature some notable collaborations from South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and Namibia, with a view to provide a practical understanding on how to build resilient and mutual beneficial collaborations between multiple stakeholders.===

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