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Civil Society Groups Raise Concerns Over Proposed UN Cybercrime Convention

KICTANet together with a coalition of civil society groups and individual experts, has expressed concerns over the proposed United Nations Cybercrime Convention, urging states to narrow its scope and strengthen human rights safeguards.

Jointly, we argue that the current draft of the Convention is too broad and could be used to criminalize legitimate online activities, such as journalism and security research. We also warn that the Convention lacks sufficient safeguards to protect privacy and freedom of expression.

The Convention should only move forward if it pursues a specific goal of combating cybercrime without endangering the human rights and fundamental freedoms of those it seeks to protect nor undermining efforts to improve cybersecurity for an open internet. The present draft text falls far short of this goal and these basic minimum requirements, and must be comprehensively revised, amended, or rejected. ,” the groups said in a joint statement.

We have called on state delegations to revise the convention to address our concerns. We have also urged states to reject the convention if it does not meet their minimum requirements.

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