Cambridge Analytica

The cock has indeed come home to roost.

For me, it is time social media giants stopped telling us what data is
being requested by an app (i.e. friends, statuses, etc) and started telling
us what the app wants to do with the data (targeted advertising, political
persuasion, etc). This is because users are not aware of the possibilities
when they voluntarily give out their data.

See this form when applying for a Twitter Dev account clearly requesting
use-cases for data to be collected:

Since they have the use-case information, why not leave it to the user to
decide which use cases they’re comfortable with and opt out of those
they’re not? Then find a way way to manage use-case changes and inform the
users thereto.

I, for instance, may be comfortable with my data being used for targeted
advertising of a local coffee shop but not for academic research.

As for Cambridge Analytica, without condoning their behavior – especially
lying about the use-cases of the data -, I pose the question: Where do we
draw the line between political persuasion and manipulation of voters?
Politicians are allowed to persuade voters to their side but when does it
become wrong – especially on digital platforms?



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