CA¹s Sh85m plan to link remote areas with mobile voice

> Honestly, as Kenyans we are super tired of being strung along with
> non-existent statistics. We simply need to get our act together.
> I’m also keen to understand the difference between land based and
> population based statistics/connectivity.. Let’s dispense with semantics
> please..
Can this forum have a clap feature like in Medium? 🙂

You have got that correct Ali. CA is being Machiavellianon its reporting.
So that it can meet it’s target, it reports that it has 94.4% coverage on
2G and 78% coverage on 3G. There, it has reached it’s Performace
Contracting targets. When now the user who know nothing about numbers asks
about connectivity, they spring up new jargons like land mass vs

As an end user, I would actually say I want connectivity on my phone, or
computer. Land mass, water mass, population, wharathos?

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