Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future

Have you heard of the Internet?

It’s the worst invention for mankind. They show inappropriate photos and
videos, and terrorists meet virtually and organise mass murder. Tragic. It
has been used to siphon money from banks, and organise revolutions which
overthrow governments. It has made swindlers make easy money by online
ponzi and pyramid schemes, and all types of virtual gaming. Hard working
people have lost billions from these crooks who hide behind the Internet.
The amount of bullying, stalking and trolling is unbearable. I wonder why
anybody would want to use such kind of technology. The technology is also
quite addictive, leading to a lot of time wasting and distraction. The
amount of man hours wasted can actually build Rome a hundred times over.
Don’t even get me talking about spam, Identity theft, hacking, viruses,
Depression, loneliness, and social isolation, Health issues and obesity,
impulse buying…

Actually, some countries have discovered the evil of the internet and
resolved to control it, or cut it all together. These are China, Cameroon,
Ethiopia, Togo, …

Be safe, stay away from the Internet.

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