Banning of the FILM Rafiki


I think it is possible for us as Kenyans to concentrate on our multi-faceted issues like corruption, pathetic state of our healthcare system, constant strikes by public sector workers which have an adverse effect on the economy etc.

But to a limited extent Walu is also right, we have so many problems or so many Goliath’s to slay in this country that the LGBT issue looks like a western problem.

If it’s human rights violations e.g Miguna and utter disobedience by the Government of court orders, I see where Walu is going by saying honestly we have bigger issues to fry than LGBT rights.
We have deeper human rights issues than LGBT problem, how many times are people arrested in this country without knowing the reason why, driven round in circles in different police stations and not allowed to contact their next of kin or a lawyer. Police human right violations still continue unabated.
To me if there is a scale, LGBT issues honestly are the least of our problems right now.


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> Walu,
> You’ve got to be kidding me “If these foreign agents could divert some of that pressure/money into helping us sort out our corruption issues” is, and I’m going to put it bluntly here, patent nonsense. More money is spent on fight corruption than a lot of other causes. Name, from the top of your head even 5 institutions that have managed to bring LGBTI issues to the forefront for national conversation. In fact almost every time this conversation happens in Kenya it’s because the government is banning something. So maybe you need to talk the Kenyans artists who feel that these stories need to be told.
> No one is forcing anything. You don’t have to watch this movie or any other material that covers these issues.
> This thing of saying that we have more important issues is disingenuous, it’s the same thing our president keeps doing in telling us to focus on development instead of corruption, hunger and education. We as a nation are not stupid or one dimensional, we can doing several things at once; you know like care that someone is dying of hunger, that someone else is being

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