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Earlier this year, the Kenya ICT Action Network(KICTANet) held a Talk to Senate online discussions as part of its ‘Talk to series’ program. The program aims at promoting inclusive policy development processes by facilitating interaction of the KICTANet community which includes policy makers and representatives of different stakeholder groups. Talk to Senate online discussion was focused on ICT policy issues at the counties. KICTANet community members interacted with, Sen. Abishiro Halake, vice chair of the Senate committee on ICT, to put forward the priority areas that the newly elected representatives should focus on.

On Day 1, the community discussed the ICT challenges, risks and opportunities in the counties. Day 2 focused on the legislative role of the Senate. On this one, the community made proposals on what laws ought to be passed or amended by the twelfth Parliament to foster ICT in particular in the counties. And on Day 3, the community gave contributions on what amounts to effective public participation.

The recurring issues through the online discussions included; the use of the Universal Service Fund(USF), ICT access in the counties, making meaningful public participation, data protection and ICT laws that pose serious risks in the ICT industry. Among other proposals in the report, KICTANet community also expressed the need for prioritization of the data protection bill and lowering tax for ICT equipment to make internet costs affordable to citizen in the counties.