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Dear Lilian, As Ali noted, the notice is too short, but trust electronic submissions such as this one are acceptable. Factoring 2019 is almost complete maybe it is a 2020-2024
Dear Ali Hussein, Tomorrow’s event is only one of forums where document will be discussed. There is therefore adequate time for the Authority to receive input from sector.Feel free to
Lilian With all due respect. Why are you giving stakeholders 12 hour notice to come and deliberate and input into such an important document? It begs the question on whether
Dear Listers, Warm greetings from the ICT Authority to this fraternity. Secondly,this is to invite us all to a one day workshop at the Stanley Sarova Hotel,tomorrow Thursday 19th December
As stated, the leads (names) to query are indicated in the GPE link. You are free to blame MoICT for an MoE/WB project 🙂 On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at
@S. Murigi Muraya the WB sould handover a “working system” to MoE after the period. Not a dysfunctional system. That is what I’d expect. Now this is a system that
And?? I mean, what is the MoICT take on this? Can we get them to comment? On Mon, 16 Dec 2019 at 16:03, Julius Njiraini via kictanet wrote: > There
Barrack Thanks for sharing. This is a step in the right direction. We’ll have to wait and how this will affect content on Facebook going forward. The Board will have
This is a full page report, but it still fails to highlight what the problem could have been, and the possible solution. It even fails to lay the blame anywhere!
Thanks Linda, great way to wind up a tempestuous year. Confirmed attendance. Hez Gikang’a From: kictanet on behalf of Linda Bonyo via kictanet Reply-To: KICTAnet ICT Policy Discussions Date: Friday,
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