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Thank Washington for sharing this, I’m highly interested in this topic and would even love to do a research around it in order to reduce/stop mobile electronics theft. Now in
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One often overlooked factor in the internet ecosystem is hosting (including CDN’s , caches and peering points). I bet more than 70% of the conferencing traffic (zoom,webex, skype, microsoft) and
Note the limitations of the free version of zoom… 40 minutes maximum for group calls; so using it would require paying a monthly fee From: kictanet [mailto:kictanet-bounces+adam.lane=huawei.com@lists.kictanet.or.ke] On Behalf Of
Hi Erick, Honourable Abshiro was asking for an online solution that the Legislators can use during this Covid -19 season. That said Zoom proved itself during the recent ICANN 67
A team member shared this document (attached) with us at the Lawyers Hub. Hope you find it useful for remote voting while learning from the European parliament. Secondly, The secret
Thank you Kaka, Noah, Barrack, I will look out for the Gire bill and see what in our context is the equivalent. I may need your help with providing the
thank you Grace, highly appreciated. Kind Regards, *’Chance Favors the prepared mind’* – Louis Pasteur On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 3:53 AM Grace Githaiga via kictanet wrote: > Listers
Kaka As a proud East African, I agree with you totally and indeed trust is key but most importantly the collective improvement of ICT critical infrastructure through deregulation from the
Hi Mheshimiwa Abshiro, Other than the Cyber glitches pointed out by GG yesterday which might require further investigation, i think Zoom has proven to be a secure platform. In the
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