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Hi All, So – I have kinda hesitated to wade into the net neutrality debate – but having given it a lot of thought – I need to state that
FYI Teddy Njoroge,People Daily This week a set of banking trojans were discovered and identified by ESET researchers, had found their way past Google Play’s security mechanisms, this time targeting
Joe Let’s be clear. This is not a personal attack on you so I’m not sure where the ‘Bitterness’ comment is coming from. This list, myself included have been very
Bwana Mucheru. I think what you are pointing towards is there may be a misunderstanding on these issues (from what I gather). I would guess that is what dialogue is
Wow! Such bitterness… I have pronounced myself on various occasions on Net Neutrality. It’s unfair to say we in MOICT ignore this topic. As it stands, what position has the
Bernard The answer depends on who you ask. 1. KITOS 2. TESPOK 3. ICTAK ( That of the ICT Practitioners Bill shame) 4. KICTANET 5. KEPSA At this point your
Hi Nanjira Thanks for this. Is there option to attend virtually? Regards *Ali Hussein* *Principal* *Hussein & Associates* Tel: +254 713 601113 Twitter: @AliHKassim Skype: abu-jomo LinkedIn: ke.linkedin.com/in/alihkassim 13th Floor
For those attending IGF this year. > > Join us for a screening of ForEveryone.net & a discussion of the future of the web. > A light lunch will be
Hi Mbugua, I agree with you 100% ! Kind regards, On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 9:03 PM, Mbugua Njihia via kictanet wrote: > I am of the opinion that
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