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CA Speaks to Internet Shutdowns and “Monitoring” ofOnline Comms

14 Jan Posted by in kictanet | Comments Off on CA Speaks to Internet Shutdowns and “Monitoring” ofOnline Comms
Some clarifications are in order here. Sorry I have been out of town, and my phone had ran out of charge. 
None of the equipment cited are meant to closely monitor mobile phones. The Spectrum Management and Monitoring System is meant to manage frequency spectrum resources including planning, assignment and monitoring to ensure compliance with the licence parameters. 
On the other hand, the device management system is meant to deactivate all counterfeit mobile devices imported into the country illegally  in order to ensure the phones are not used for criminal purposes. 
I wish to assure listers that CA operates within the law and has no intentions whatsoever to shut down the internet or violate the constitutionally guaranteed rights including the right to privacy. 
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