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Welcome to the IGF 2023: It just Begun

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023 has arrived, and the air is full of excitement. This annual event celebrates all things related to Internet Governance, digitality, and the limitless possibilities that the Internet offers. This year’s IGF is hosted in Kyoto by the Japanese Government and will run from day 0 on 8th October to day 4 on 12th October …
Nic Nyakundi standing in front of the #IGF2023 logo at the KICC in Kyoto

Data Protection Commission Imposes Penalties for Privacy Violations

Immaculate Kassait Kenya’s first Data Commissioner
Kenya’s Office of the Data Protection Commission enforces significant fines on three entities for data privacy violations, marking a shift in the enforcement of the 2019 Data Protection Act.

#FIFAfrica 2023: The Internet Freedom We Want for Africa

Policies and legal frameworks are the ladders we need to enjoy full freedom of the Internet and the digital space, and the foundation of it is accurate and well-secured data. It is also paramount that the laws we so much need are bucked up by evidence-based research data and a clear understanding of their expected impacts or outcomes.
A banner of Forum on Interenet freedon in Africa 2023.

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