Thank You for Attending the Talk2Facebook Webinar

Greetings Listers,
We are sincerely thankful to all that managed to join the Webinar, we hope
you enjoyed the conversation and learnt a lot about Facebook!

I cannot overstate how diverse, well prepared, clear & concise the Facebook
team was, Tunasema Asante Sana! Thank you @Mercy for coordinating a great

Asante Walu for the great moderation that you did and moreso for ensuring
we could get the most out of the webinar within the “short” 90mins that we

We captured the questions raised by participants via the chat, we will
share them with FB and incorporate them in the final report which we will
share here in due course.

Looking forward to the next “Talk2” series and indeed to the next
“Talk2Facebook” session. Thank you for your continued engagement!

Tr. Karis

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