Telcos regulator seeks to monitor WhatsApp

Thanks for your comments. I am however of the opinion that saying whatsapp generates no revenue from kenya isnt based on a factual understanding of the business model and the political economy of these tech giants. 
For one, whatsapp/facebooks capital accumulation model commodifies the digital labor of users, their surveillance-industrial complex is driven by commodification and surveillance of big data. 
Every time i add a contact to my phone, they are automatically added to my whatsapp, once whatsapp picks the contact, facebook aitomatically picks it up and suggests that i ‘friend’ this new contact. This feeds into my filter bubble and builds up on my data on fb. Every post i share, or like, every friend i make or every link i follow is tracked recorded and turned into data. Advertisers buy my data so that they know which ads to show me.that money goes to facebook. 
Most of these platforms exploit and commodify us through economic surveillance of our interests, and activities.  
Facebook, google amazon  and all these giants avoid paying taxes by making use of complex company and financial networks that take revenue and divert it to countries with no tax or low taxes. Its not just the tech giants though, most of these companies we invite to our country as f.d.i follow the same model. And the amount of revenue we lose to these companies can be harnessed to better our economy if we put our feet down. 

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