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True that. Again. The report wasn’t about Penetration but about speeds..So maybe the report needs to substitute Kenya with Nairobi? 🙂 Regards *Ali Hussein* *Principal* *Hussein & Associates* Tel: +254
True that Barrack. The point though was not penetration rate but speed. This is something (penetration rate) that needs addressing soonest. *Ali Hussein* *Principal* *Hussein & Associates* Tel: +254 713
Hi Ali, This is not surprising , be that as it may, i hope we can get such glorification of our connectivity from our Counties since the quality of connectivity
Listers Interesting arguments going on around this subject. Apparently the Australian Prime is miffed by the suggestion that we can have faster Internet connections than Australia.. Surely that’s not possible!!!???
Listers The two powers – Russia and the US are at each other’s throats and the latest ‘victim of this Geopolitical duel is Kaspersky. For months government officials have waged
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