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Looks great. A few issues though. Quick links on the footer are not really leading someone anywhere. And a question: Why WordPress? On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 6:11 PM,
Kenya has invested heavily in Technology for the police. Are we aware of how its used? *When Sergeant Lee DeBrabander* marked a case confidential in the Long Beach drug squad’s
Dear All, For your information/action. I apologize for cross-posting and possible duplication. Kind regards, Kawsu.
Facebook and Instagram outage has reportedly hit some parts of the globe. US and UK media on Wednesday reported that the two apps owned by Facebook had crashed in Brazil,
Listers Greetings. Please find attached the Talk to NCIC:KICTANet engagement Report. To those who gave their views, and all who turned up for the face to face meeting, tunasema asanteni
Listers, In Summary Your web-based email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Uber, and other online media content sit on the cloud. Moving the results from ‘ground servers’ to the ‘cloud’
(Apologies in the event of cross posting) ​ Hi ​Listers , Kindly share with friends and networks: iHub open days give you the perfect opportunity to test the iHub space.
Not sure if its warranted, but interesting that a country determined that cyber security requires an entire Ministry. www.cnbcafrica.com/news/southern-africa/2017/10/10/zimbabwes-mugabe-creates-cyber-ministry-cabinet-reshuffle/ Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe moved Patrick Chinamasa from the finance ministry
lol, Nairobi sio Kenya. I was proud of the strides Kenya has made though during the election period. That a significant number of polling stations in the country could transmit
True that. Again. The report wasn’t about Penetration but about speeds..So maybe the report needs to substitute Kenya with Nairobi? 🙂 Regards *Ali Hussein* *Principal* *Hussein & Associates* Tel: +254
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