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Yes. We’d love to join you. Please send details. Asante. On 11 Nov 2017 14:30, “Ahmed Mohamed Maawy via kictanet”
In general, ‘privacy’ is becoming a nostalgic English word in dictionaries….like fax or callbox. If you use internet or a smart phone at all, there are at least 5 guys
Don’t know if this makes sense, but if you try sending an email on gmail, with the word “attached” in your email body, gmail will always hold on sending and
I do Android and Web applications in PHP /Mysql and MEAN framework .Got more than 4 apps on playstore and two under development .call me on 0739095757 rgds Branton. On
Looking for an apt Web, Android Developer for a project I desire to implement.Evidence of at least an app developed and capability for integrating Mobile Money systems Required: PHP, JSON,
Good afternoon! Barrack, I suspect your MPESA is not yet so good as to have some accidental algorithms that push some loose currency $$$$ arbitrarily to you and not to
Barrack Not at all! In fact the printing press and other ‘mass media’ are becoming almost irrelevant in the scheme of things…Think of the ‘Twitter Diplomacy’ that is now the
@Barrack I’m in agreement with you. @Mercy and all this link might be useful:- www.internetjurisdiction.net/ Regards *Ali Hussein* *Principal* *Hussein & Associates* Tel: +254 713 601113 Twitter: @AliHKassim Skype: abu-jomo
Hi Mercy, Most registrars that register Country Code Top Level Domain registries encounter this requirement. A high number of Country Code Top Level Domain Registries are under some form of
Quite apt Ali. I think there’s no way around platform liability if our end goal is a healthy and cohesive society.But of course it’s not too late. The excitement that
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