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A while ago, British media alleged two senior Kenyan lawyers/politicians were compromised by a British firm to preserve low environmental (pro tobacco, pro smoking) standards in Kenya. Point is, laws
Anyone with a copy of the latest version of the bill or link? From: kictanet [mailto:kictanet-bounces+bkioko=bernsoft.com@lists.kictanet.or.ke] On Behalf Of Collins Areba via kictanet Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 1:46 PM
I do not even see what the problem here is, What is so hard in having a membership based organization (who’s membership is open to all) regulating policy, where members
Jambo, As we mull over this discussion, let us also consider how we engage. Attached is a Kictanet brief for discussion that identifies some key characteristics for inclusive cyber policy
There is no country in the world where ICT profession or practice is regulated by statutory provisions or licensing. Can someone tell me where this idea that has been picked
In support of† self† regulation, there are† at least† some traditional guidelines† when coming up with new legislation: 1. Is there serious mischief clearly identified that the law should address.
KICTANetiquette : Adhere to the same standards of acceptable behaviors online that you follow in real life: respect people’s times and bandwidth, share knowledge, don’t flame or abuse or personalize,
Thank you Daktari and Ory for helping us to come back to the issue. There is an emerging trend in Kenya to regulate professions. In the last session of Parliament,
Replying to Julius Njiraini who has been posting one liners in support of the bill…..and also about this one organisation represents everyone…. we are a diverse country with varying interests.
We need to have one unified ict body than many multiples grouping. That’s why there are no common stand On Dec 18, 2017 9:06 AM, “Bernard Kioko via kictanet”
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