KICTANet board at Kenya DNS Forum

Local domain names for social economic development.

KICTANet was well represented at the Kenya DNS Forum, with our respresentatives making important interventions on behalf of Kenya internet users. This was during day zero of the Africa DNS forum at the Emara Ole-Sereni, Nairobi, organised by KENIC dotKEICANN, Communications Authority of Kenya, and AFTLD.

Our Board Member Victor Kapiyo spoke on the panel on Legislation and governance in the internet ecosystem, emerging trends in cyber legislation, and internet governance. He reiterated the need to maintain human rights while managing internet resources.

Mwendwa Kivuva while addressing ccTLD security and stability urged the KeNIC registry to use its resources prudently to continue being among the best-run registry in Africa. He also urged KeNIC to partner with registrars and other partners to automate DNSSEC. As per going to press, only 56 domains have DNNSEC out of about 100,000 domains.

Country Code Domains (ccTLDs) are extremely important in economic development. Our Board Member Barrack Otieno indicated that ccTLDs prevent capital flight, and provide employment and local tech capacity building. The dispute resolutions are local, and the ccTLD can be regulated using local laws and regulations. ccTLDs also provide online country branding and better Search Engine Optimisation.


Mwendwa Kivuva information

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