Cover page of the KICTANet quarterly spotlight report for January 2023 - March 2023

KICTANet’s Spotlight Report on Notable ICT Issues and Trends

By Simon Ambale

KICTANet has released its quarterly spotlight report for January 2023 – March 2023. The report covers the initiatives and activities conducted during this period, including the commemoration of Data Privacy Day, International Women’s Day, and the creation of a National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation. 

In addition, the report also provides an outlook for the second quarter and an opportunity for all to participate in, for instance:

  • The 8th cohort of the Kenya School of Internet 
  • Kenya Internet Governance Forum, themed “The Internet We Want – Empowering All People,”
  • Meta Privacy Event with the Youth: June 20, 2023
  • Angaza Community Network Launch, among others.

The report is guided by KICTANet’s four pillars of Policy Advocacy, Capacity Building, Research, and Stakeholder Engagement. These pillars are aligned with KICTANet’s strategic objectives covering 2022 – 2024 to have effective multistakeholder participation; promoting an enabling environment; building capacities and empowered communities; and institutional strengthening.

As always, we strive to keep you informed and engaged in the discussions shaping our digital future.

We hope that you find this report informative and useful and that it sparks further discussions and engagement within our community. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve and enhance our work.

Read the full spotlight report here.


Simon Ambale (@SymoAmbale) is KICTANet’s   Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. He is also a data enthusiast and a lifelong learner with a demonstrated history of working in the Research and development industry. 


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