KICTANet participates in the 13th Seminar on Privacy and Data Protection

On the 17-18 August 2022, KICTANet participated in the 13th Seminar on Privacy and Data Protection organised by Data Privacy Brazil in São Paulo, Brazil. The participants in the in-person edition included national and international experts, such as government officials, private sector representatives, third sector, and members of the scientific and technological community. 

The conference adopted a multistakeholder approach, where each sector took part in public debates and technical discussions about Artificial Intelligence, Information Security and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law, among other topics. 

KICTANet participated in a panel session on perspectives on data protection from the Global South moderated by Ramon Costa, with key speakers being Mesenbet Assefa (Addis Ababa University), Khadija El-Usman (Paradigm Initiative), Veronica Salinas (Internet Bolivia), Meshack Masibo (KICTANet), Ricardo Chica Reino (Fundancion Ciudadania y Desarrollo), Laura Henderson (Internews),

Meshack Masibo shared the work of KICTANet in the local data protection scene in Kenya over the past one year. This includes its research work such as the various topical policy briefs on diverse subjects such as the impact of the Data Protection Act on the election cycle and on digital identification. He also talked about the various memoranda KICTANet had submitted to Parliament and other policy makers on the huduma bill and the Kenya Information and Communications Act.

As part of its best practices recommendation KICTANet shared on how its social media public awareness campaign had succeeded in building the public’s awareness on privacy and data protection issues.  

The first Seminar on Protection of Privacy and Personal Data took place at the end of September 2010, in São Paulo, being the first event totally dedicated to addressing such themes as central objects of study and discussion in Brazil.

You can watch the video of the panel session here.


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