Invitation to Data Protection Forum and Submission of Comments to Kenya Data Protection Bills (Thursday 23 August, 2018)


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> Dear partner ,
> Greetings from ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa.
> ARTICLE 19 in partnership with the *Centre for Intellectual Property and
> Information Technology* Law (*CIPIT*- Strathmore University Law School)
> and Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANET) seek to convene a one day Data
> Protection Dialogue Forum from *8**am – 5:30pm* on *Thursday 23 August,
> 2018). *
> While, the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 guarantees freedom of expression
> and the right to privacy, under Article 31 and 33; Kenya lacks a legally
> binding comprehensive data protection framework while also retaining laws
> which are broad and can be used to infringe on privacy on citizen data.
> The lack of a comprehensive data protection law and existence of laws that
> can be broadly interpreted to allow for free collection of personal data,
> storage, usage, and dissemination to other parties has created a situation
> where citizens are not notified whenever their data is collected and do not
> have remedies whenever their data is breached on unnecessarily retained by
> both public and private actors.
> We note that the ICT committees of the Senate led by Hon Gideon Moi has
> drafted a Data Protection Bill 2018 and similarly, the Ministry of ICT
> Taskforce on the Development of the Policy and Regulatory Framework for
> Privacy and Data Protection in Kenya, chaired by Communications Authority’s
> Mercy Wanjau has developed a Policy and a draft Data Protection Bill aimed
> at a Regulatory Framework for Privacy and Data Protection in Kenya and to
> fill this gap.
> Please find below the links to the Data Protection Policy and Ministry
> Bill and the Senate Bill.
> protection-policy-and-bill-,2018
> It is with this in mind that the 3 partner organizations and will be
> meeting multiple data protection experts, lawyers, academia/ data
> scientists, CSOs, journalists and bloggers to collate recommendations for
> policy reform on from *8**am – 5:30pm* on *Thursday 23 August, 2018)* at
> Strathmore Law School.
> Kindly confirm your availability at your earliest convenience to *
> <>*
> Please note that even though you might not be able to participate
> physically, you can nominate a representative or comment on this bills and
> Policy via the links above.
> We look forward to your participation.
> Best regards,
> —
> Best Regards,
> Ephraim Percy Kenyanito
> Digital Programme Officer
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> *
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> @article19eafric
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