Do social media threaten democracy? – Scandal, outrage and politics

Quite apt Ali. I think there’s no way around platform liability if our end
goal is a healthy and cohesive society.But of course it’s not too late. The
excitement that comes from new disruptive movements will settle. As the
writer says we will adapt. Part of the adaptation might very well be
avoiding the platforms altogether because of the hate and intolerance
spewed online. This is also the other reason the platforms should be
proactive now. Being amoral may make business sense now, but what about
when you no longer have the millions of users?

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> Listers
> An interesting article from the economist.
> Facebook, Google and Twitter were supposed to save politics as good
> information drove out prejudice and falsehood. Something has gone very wrong
> Read on:-
> facebook-google-and-twitter-were-supposed-save-politics-
> good-information-drove-out
> What are your thoughts from a local perspective?
> After one of the most highly contentious electioneering periods in Kenya’s
> history some hard questions need to be asked.
> 1. Is Ezekiel Mutua after all a visionary in his assertions about Social
> Media?
> 2. Have we allowed ourselves to be further divided by these platforms
> instead of using them to bring us closer together?
> 3, Have we allowed politicians and other influencers to literally take our
> freedoms to do what’s right?
> 4, Shouldn’t the whole world – State and Non-State Players – have taken
> Internet Governance (especially the Third Party Liability conversation)
> more seriously?
> 5. Is it too late to redeem ourselves?
> These and more are important issues to ponder.
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