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@Tr Karis,
With Kenya enacting its Data Protection Act late last year, I would have thot the Data Protection theme would have elicited more responses….but perhaps that is precisely why we need the conversation to raise awareness…
Nway, my experience is that FB has come a long way to be compliant with Data Protection matters – particularly following the EU GDPR enactment in 2018…their Privacy page says more.

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Data Policy

 There seems to be still some problems however, and recently Irish Data Protection Commissioner ruled that EU Citizen would no longer be send to US servers…since the US Gov can have access to it.

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WSJ News Exclusive | Ireland to Order F…

I just need to understand the role and extend of government surveillance on FB user data and how transparent FB is abou this.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, 06:01:36 AM GMT+3, Kelvin Kariuki via kictanet <> wrote:

Dear Lister!

Trusting you are well, a great appreciation to all who shared their views on Day 1! Weare on Day 2 of  “Talk2Facebook”, today we focus on Data Protection Issues.

Kenya enacted itsData Protection & Privacy Act in 2019 where the rights of individuals (datasubjects) have been enhanced. Share your comments, experiences, and challengeswith regard to Facebook Services along the following themes:

a) Have youmanaged to exercise your right to access and port (move) all your data that youever posted on FB?

b) Have youmanaged to exercise your right to be forgotten, where you demand FB deletes allthe digital footprint they have about?

c) Have youmanaged to exercise your right to modify or restrict the consent you previouslygranted to FB?


You can still comment onyesterday’s topic under that thread. Otherwise, we hope to hear all yourconcerns around Data Protection today on this thread so tomorrow we discuss “Human Rights & Transparency” matters.


Wonderful Thursday!


Rest of the Program:

Day 3: Human Rights &Transparency

Day 4: Connectivity &Wrap Up


Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis

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