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To improve the effectiveness of ICT policy and regulatory processes by expanding support for ICT initiatives, providing support for member’s actions and audience for member’s ideas.

………………………………. Collins would like to stay in touch on LinkedIn. Collins Areba TELCO Operator by day, Livestock Feed producer by night. Kenya View profile www.linkedin.com/comm/in/areba?trk=eml-guest-invite-pprofile-link-cta&trkEmail=eml-invite_guest-null-390-null-null-pl2igo%7Ejbgnxc4w%7Ee4-null-neptune%2Fprofile%7Evanity%2Eview&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage… Confirm that you know Collins
Actually, we need to have a serious discussion on the perceived security provided by biometrics. Here’s a curation of concerns: https://twitter.com/ninanjira/status/932505789926989824 Regards, Nanjira. Sent on the move. > On 20
See more in the Twitter thread, and some preliminary policy questions worth probing. Nanjira (@NiNanjira) 21/12/2017, 11:02 Research by @RIAnetwork shows an interesting disparity between mobile phone usage vs Internet
The auction is getting very interesting.. By the way.. This is a note to KENIC – I believe there are bidders who are using bots to automate the auction alerts..
Let me go for all the likes – li.ke On 21 December 2017 at 09:26, Collins Areba wrote: > We should just sell co.ke > 🙂 > > Regards, >
Hi, Our research on unique identifiers such as biometrics shows that they have been faked and are a key component in cases of identity theft. An iPhone X was unlocked
Hello Collins, ​@kevin please dont talk about “evil blockchain” while trying to drive a > point about why regulations need to be put in place. ​Please. I did not say
Hi Bob, Have you registered 1Bob.KE or you are waiting till I go squatting with the name? 🙂 On 20 December 2017 at 20:38, Ali Hussein via kictanet wrote: >
Here’s the link again – www.mbuguanjihia.com/business/sky-gardens-take-digital-commerce.html ᐧ *Regards,* Mbugua Njihia | +254721668709 Entrepreneur in pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled #WhatIsNext #AfricaRising. Business,more than any other occupation,
Waiting eagerly for the draft bill. We have a constitution that puts good sense to any legislation. For example, if they had succeded in passing the previous draft bill into
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