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Listers, This is a clear violation of our constitution. The government unilaterally and without a court order of any sort took 3 media houses off the air. These are the
@ Victor It is not clear if any of the media houses has taken legal action. However, the media attended a press briefing this afternoon where they were informed that
Has any media station gone to court on this? Or are they perhaps pursuing ADR methods to resolve the issue? *Victor Kapiyo* Partner | *Lawmark Partners LLP* Advocate of the
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Listers, This has probably been quoted here a million times, but no harm in doing it one more time… *First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak
Peter. I hope you wrote us this email while in a highly charged meeting with your colleagues and those from the other houses as regards to how you are going
Wambui Don’t hold your breath… I’m a very optimistic person and hence I believe that this country continues to stress test its new constitution. We shall prevail as a people.
Peter To borrow from Former President Kibaki. KAZI IENDELEE Mpanda ngazi hushuka (those who go up will come down). And despite everything we must continue with the work we do.
A good and insightful read Wangari. The rising power of Facebook, Google and Twitter and their opportunistic business models. I can directly correlate the challenges that the world media is
This country though!now there is an interesting rumour going round that the whole thing may have been a stage managed agreement between media and govt On Tuesday, January 30, 2018,
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