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To improve the effectiveness of ICT policy and regulatory processes by expanding support for ICT initiatives, providing support for member’s actions and audience for member’s ideas.

Congratulations to my former lecturer, @jwalu, on his appointment to the taskforce! Blockchain will definitely increase the level of accountability in governance and public spending. It’s encouraging to see the
House passes online sex trafficking bill | | | | | | | | | | | House passes online sex trafficking bill By Harper Neidig The House on Tuesday
Thanks for this Robert. Regards, Sylvia Musalagani Hivos East Africa ACS Plaza, Lenana Road|P.O. Box 19875 – 00202 | Nairobi | Kenya Office: +254 725 451 729 / +254 789
Dear listers, Strathmore Law School, Microsoft, the American Chamber of Commerce, Kenya Private Sector Alliance and Dalberg is hosting an event themed, ‘ Digital Drivers: Enabling the Growth of Africa’s
> > Honestly, as Kenyans we are super tired of being strung along with > non-existent statistics. We simply need to get our act together. > > I’m also keen
Yes Kivuva, that is correct. The coverage in the report is population-based, but the requirement for election coverage was land-based because the polling stations are spread across locations. The land
Dear Rachel, Thank you, looking forwad to your update. Best Regards On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 3:09 PM, Alwala, Rachel via kictanet wrote: > Dear listers, > > I
I beg to disagree Kivuva, We need a report first, are there any factors that have impeded the functioning of the board?, we don’t want to be learning about these
Good discussion Muraya and Kivuva, Legal frameworks and guidelines are great when public interest is at the core, in future , it might be good to ensure that that all
Just wondering, The money that is obtained when Telcos are fined for poor quality of service, does it go to the Universal Service fund Kitty? can anyone from CA respond?
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