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8.8.2017 Elections

11 Sep Posted by in kictanet | Comments
Hi Edwin,

It was not expected circumstantial evidence (seats won at the Governor, Senate, Women's Rep, MP, MCA) would be ignored by Supreme Court judges. If the truth were far from what the IEBC announced, maybe the petitioners would have requested presidential ballots to be recounted in public. 
That noted we are all waiting to hear from the IEBC about why the Satellite phones were not used.
If there is no coverage at a particular location, the KIEMS device would need to be moved to a location with network for transmission. As such, Geofencing would not be enabled. It is not clear if all KIEMS devices were disabled.
Responsible IT professionals will not deploy a system before testing it. They must login, test, update, delete data, prior to going live.
We are also waiting for raw data on the ground, from responsible wananchi, on the tallies they noted, heard, recorded.
40,000 polling stations… 3 wananchi at each who heard/saw the votes counted. Some even recorded audibly, digitally.
(Maybe time for a Stored Communications Act to be passed and included in the Elections Act:)

On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 7:12 PM, Mutemi wa Kiama via kictanet <


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