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Company sues Treasury over eCitizen payments

17 Jun Posted by in kictanet | Comments Off on Company sues Treasury over eCitizen payments
Is the suing company associated with Sage systems? 30 years ago, Sage software benefited from a UK government grant. Maybe Go.Ke will one day fund Kenyan software developers instead?. 

He created the first piece of Sage software while completing his degree in computing and statistics. He joined up with David Goldman who won a Government grant for Wylie to modify the software so that it worked for his printing company. They created a user-friendly system that allowed businesses to do their own accounts on a computer. The two then joined up with Californian scientist Paul Muller and Goldman's printing partner Phil Lever to form the fledgling company. Wylie and Goldman toured the UK in the early 1980s selling their software and where necessary the computer hardware to the print industry.

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